4 New Dapps to Get the Most out of Your Day

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Happy Labor Day to all the hard-working dapp buidlers! 


September is here and so are these new dapps. Before we jump into our new dapps of the week, let’s take a quick look at newly added Klaytn dapps. We can’t be more excited about partnering up with Klaytn to bring this robust system of decentralized trust into people’s daily life. 


Here are now 8 decentralized applications that built on top of Klayn, including solutions for creative content, insurance, data metrics, food, and more. A few of our favorites:

  • Cosmochain is connecting customers and companies through a mutually beneficial beauty ecosystem.  

  • Hint Chain is changing the food industry.

  • Antube is just like TikTok, but on the blockchain.

  • Spin Protocol is an influencer-driven e-commerce ecosystem.

  • Airblc is providing data metrics for you.

Besides those Klaytn dapps that we highlight, last week we have welcomed a total of 18 new dapps from various categories joining our community. In this article, we’d also like to introduce you to 4 new dapps that have caught our eye and you can definitely enjoy them during the Labor Day holiday!


Earn extra money with your photos 

Bitcoin4Photo — Buy and sell photos for Bitcoin


You take a lot of photos and always want to find a place to make some money out of your work? Here’s the place you can give a try — Bitcoin4Photo, a zero fee marketplace to buy and sell stock photos for Bitcoin.


Powered by Blockstack, Bitcoin4Photo protects your private data from the ground up. All your photos are stored on decentralized Blockstack’s storage safely and securely. So you will never lose any photos. And with Bitcoin Lightning Network, selling your photos with Bitcoin4Photo is absolutely free — no commissions and fees! 


Log in to Bitcoin4Photo by using your Blockstack ID, and drag and drop the photos you want to sell. The maximum file size is 20MB and it’s good enough for a high-quality photo. Also, you will need a wallet that supports creating Lightning Payment requests. 


If you’re an illustrator, Bitcoin4Photo is a good alternative place to showcase your illustration works too. 


Play a fun game during Netflix commercials

The Ledger of Szabo — 8-bit adventure game with Ethereum and Lightning


Binge-watching right now? Want to fill a few minutes between ads break and kick up some retro gaming feeling? The Ledger of Szabo will be your best choice! Inspired by classic 8-bit videogames (remember The Ledger of Zelda?), The Ledger of Szabo is an 8-bit puzzle game that uses Ethereum and Bitcoin Lightning to provide a unique game experience.


In the game, you are stuck in the middle of nowhere on an island. To escape, you need to own a character (an NFT) first and then search for 8 cryptocurrency puzzles to solve and escape. 3 magic keys will help you unlock the prizes and get you out of the island, and you will be encountering a few monsters and mazes along the way. 


You can buy the magic keys as well as the characters with your Ether and Bitcoin through the Lightning Network. The game also allows you to create your own in-game character and sell it on the marketplace. It’s an “8-bit” of fun!  


Figure out a financial plan over the holiday

SODA— A DAO for lending and borrowing crypto assets


DeFi has been making some noise, especially in the decentralized lending business. SODA is a DAO that you can borrow up to 1,000 DAI with a fixed interest rate. It uses Bitcoin as collateral and has a lower interest rate compared to other platforms. 


To get started on SODA, you need to connect your MetaMast and deposit Bitcoin to a unique address on the website first, then you will receive SODABTC (it will be your guarantee of getting back Bitcoins) into your MetaMask account. After that, you can deposit SODABTC into the smart contract and take a loan in DAI from the SODA credit pool smart contract. The whole process takes about 10 minutes or so, simple, right?


If you are looking for an alternative solution for your financial plans, maybe it’s a good time to check out SODA and take a sip of it. 


Host a TCG game night for the house party 

Ether Legends: A collectible card trading game 


It’s always a good idea to play card games at the party with friends and family. This holiday, you can bring a special game to the party — a TCG with physical cards and digital crypto elements. Ether Legends is an Ethereum-based collectible trading card game with a seamless connectivity of physical and digital assets — meaning you can get beautiful physical cards from Ether Legends and after you scan the QR and redeem it (as an ERC-721 token), you will be the one that truly owns the card. Each card of Ether Legends has 5 different abilities. 


The game set the story in an ancient arena mysteriously emerged on an island in a distant land. In order to gain ethereal power and fortune, you need to battle your opponents, earn your experience, and level up through the game. 


We will be also expecting to play the game online in 2020.


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