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Hey my friend,



How are you these days? Do you protect yourself well from the COVID? Stay safe and healthy! Holding any asset (stock, gold or bitcoin etc) and feeling anxious under present economic climate? Reality is cruel, but since you can’t do anything about that, let’s relax a bit with these 2 new dapps to get some comfort in the virtual world.




Upland: Pick Your Land and Earn Your Road Toll


Walking on streets of San Francisco, enjoying the sun and wind, what about buying a land by the way? 


  • Be a “True Owner”

In Upland, you can easily be the "true owner" (thanks blockchain!) of a land or buildings in San Francisco. Even your target is to own an airport, it can be done here in Upland! 



  • Earn Your Road Toll 

Unlike other normal projects that you can only earn benefit from land(nft) trading, here in Upland, you can gain your earnings in UPX token when a visitor walk by your land/buildings. It is a road toll business that you can just lay on bed and earn while sleeping.



  • Own your land for free NOW

If you are a member of dapp.com community, now you can get 6,000 UPX double sign-up bonus! https://discover.upland.me/dappcom1 


6000 UPX you can buy 2 lands in Upland immediately!





GoodMorn: Greet Your Friend to Grow Your Fruit


GoodMorn is from Klaytn. Have to admit that Korea really takes a lead in creating social media applications no matter in centralized apps or decentralized apps. 



When you open GoodMorn, you can feel the warm and sweet atmosphere by its UI design. 



  • Gift the Seeds to 5 People you care about


  • Earn more seeds by sharing how are you today


  • Seed > Fruit > Token = Money



So what is next?

Own your land, greet your friends and take them for a visit to your land! Enjoy!




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