#Dappathon FAQ
1) Do I need to be a developer to attend this event?
No, you don’t have to be a developer, however you do need to know a little bit going in. For example, If you’re a UX or graphic designer, you can still contribute to your team and learn a lot at #Dappathon without knowing how to code. Business developers and analysts are also welcomed!
2) Will I be staying overnight and if so, do you guys have a bed?
Yes, all #Dappathon participants will be staying overnight and you will be able to sleep. Barely anyone stays up the whole 24 hours and we will be providing resting areas, however we encourage you to bring sleeping bags or even inflatable mattresses for extra comfort. Oh, don’t forget your toiletries and anything else you might need to stay overnight with!
3) What are the essentials should I bring?
#Dappathon proof of registration and photo ID
Charger / Spare Batteries
4) Is #Dappathon open to everyone?
Yes, we welcome anyone regardless of nationality, age, profession, skill set, etc.
5) Is the Blockchain Development Bootcamp Scholarship open to all participants?
No, our co-host, Blocklime will be selecting the most suitable participants to attend the Blockchain Development Bootcamp on the 28th September!
6) How many in a team? What if I don’t have a team?
There should be at least 3-5 people in a team. Do not worry, we will help assign teams to anyone who does not have one on the first day of the #Dappathon (28th September)
7) Do I have to use a specific blockchain?
No, there are no restrictions in terms of which blockchain you can use to build your dapp.