About Editor’s Choice 2/26
Every week, we pick the most delicious-looking decentralized applications just for you. Editor’s Choice is the playlist that round-ups which often highlight varieties of new features of new or classic decentralized apps, or are top-tier examples of great ones, which deliver incredible user experiences in a decentralized way and take advantage of blockchain technologies’ best practices. This collection will also be used to highlight all sorts of dapps that are currently trending or the most popular right now — you don’t want to miss out. The Editor’s Choice section housed four categories: Editor’s Choice Dapps, Blockchain Games, decentralized social media, and DeFi (decentralized finance). Editor’s Choice Dapps are featuring dapps that curated by our editorial team. In this category, we are introducing you to the best-decentralized apps in innovation, creativity, UI and user experience design, and of course, the best usage of the blockchain technology, just like the best dapp of the week. The blockchain gaming dapps in Editor’s Choice Blockchain Games category are based on the Dapp.com Ranking — it shows all the stats and overall status of the dapps, such as the quality and quantity of the user base as well as the community activities and engagement. Also, it includes the new games are on the horizon. Editor’s Choice social media dapps are going to refreshing your social lifestyle with decentralization. We have been testing and using those social dapps for a very long time and we believe that they’re going to replace centralized social media applications like Instagram, Twitter, and of course Facebook, and you will love them. Editor’s Choice DeFi collections are showcased the latest decentralized finance apps which in this very exciting growing DeFi ecosystem. We want to make it easier for you to find decentralized apps that suit your needs and provide the best experience on Dapp.com, as well as in your daily life.
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