About Games Fight Coronavirus
Warning! Coronavirus attack! Stay at home! Need something fresh to fight against boredom? Here are some handpicked games by our editorial team: DIG for IT, a blockchain game dapp based on TRON; NIFTYMOJI, a blockchain game dapp with emoji as NFTs; CryptoDozer, a coin & doll collecting blockchain game; Knight Story, an innovative mobile RPG Ethereum dapp game; BRAVE FRONTIER HEROES, a mobile Ethereum dapp game; Solitaire Duel, a PvP Klondike solitaire game with EOS prize; Crypt-Oink Racing Friends, a crypto-collectibles Ethereum dapp game; HyperSnakes, a multiple snake battle blockchain game on TRON; Axie Infinity, a digital pet universe on blockchain; BRICKS BATTLE, a brick-breaking EOS dapp game; Blockchain Cuties, a collectible crypto game with adventures; Decentraland, A decentralized, user-owned virtual world on blockchain. A traditional gamer? Or a crypto game pioneer? We have games from classic ones with a sense of nostalgia to the coolest ones with fresh new concepts. Staying at home, you could still be an explorer and take your adventure in the endless decentralized game world. Whatever you play, these crypto dapps are fair games on the blockchain that nobody can tamper with. Plus, you might also make money with tokens in the game! Join the front mover’s games now and fight Coronavirus at home!
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