About Real Estate On Blockchain
Real estate sounds too expensive and complicated in the real world? Not with blockchain! Lands, buildings, even countries become non-fungible tokens (nfts) in the virtual world: Sandbox, a decentralized land trading blockchain game; Decentraland, a decentralized, user-owned virtual world on blockchain; EvolutionLand ETH, a virtual simulation blockchain game that supports cross-chain transactions; NEOLAND, a new virtual continent based on blockchain; NeoWorld, a blockchain-powered virtual world; Cryptovoxels, a virtual-world Ethereum dapp; Fair City, an urban architectural Ethereum dapp game. Once you own a crypto land, you determine its construction. It's the right place for a creative person to explore, generate unique architectures and trade properties without limitation! Plus, have fun interacting with other users and discovering their creations. Make money with virtual assets here! You might be the next estate tycoon on blockchain!
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