About Youtube Alternative Dapps
If you love surfing videos on Youtube, you might also have fun as well as protect your privacy here with these Youtube alternative dapps: 3Speak, a dapp for free speech on the internet; Livepeer, a decentralized live streaming protocol dapp; LBRY, a community-run dapp for content creators; DTube, a truly decentralized dapp to replace YouTube; DLive, a streaming dapp that benefits content creator and viewer; Viewly, a social dapp with tokenized incentives; SatsHi, a dapp to earn Bitcoin every time you go live. They are the decentralized Youtube alternative dapps that enable decentralized file storage. These dapps allow users to upload, explore, upvote, and comment on videos in a censorship-free environment. Any video uploaded to these dapps becomes a content encrypted on blockchains, where one cannot delete or change the data. Video creators can make money with true views and likes. Are these YouTube alternative best dapps the future for video platforms?
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